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Monday, October 11, 2010

Learn To Read Between The Lines.....UR SMARTER THAN YA THINK

There is no known Pharmaceutical or surgical cure for Crohn's disease.

I did a search today just for $hits and Giggles on Google Today searching "Crohn's Disease Cure" and the above line Exploded out at me. When you really break down this comment and the way it is put together It makes you think. The comment stresses that there is no known pharmaceutical or surgical cure ..................   and this comment is very true because the medical system has not brought us one..lol who would have thought the medical system would fall short in bringing us a cure BUT they are always conveniently right there to provide us with a prescription for the newest drug.... :)  Well I'm not a fan of pointless ranting as it's counterproductive so lets move on to the good stuff.

This Statement does not say there is no cure, it just says there is no cure in their matrix of thinking (Pharmaceutical or Surgical means). This is why if you search any search engine asking the right questions you will find 100s of people who have cured,overcame, or managed sustained remission for long periods of times (pick your terminology) and these people did it outside the realm of the medical mentality. When you speak with someone who has overcome the disease for the 1st time you will start to believe that you can do it as well. I remember the 1st time I spoke to someone who overcame their severe IBD and has been healthy for almost 20 years I no longer believed the garbage I was being told about being stuck with this disease forever. From this moment I decided I was done being the victim and I would beat this thing. Here I am today living a better life than I could have ever imagined. I know when a person is newly diagnosed and they are reading pamphlets, visiting IBD forums, groups, watching videos, speaking with doctors there are a few consistent messages we all seem to get:
  • These Diseases are INCURABLE, sorry folks your stuck with this FOOOREVER lol 
  • Many IBD patients get to have operations to take out diseased intestines
  • Your going to be on MEDS for the REST of your life, Good News for big Pharma :) 
  • There's a great chance of you getting colon cancer at least you have something to look forward to
I don't know about everyone else but this sure made me warm and tingly NOT!!! Well that's all good because we are going to flip it around in years to come. When people find out they have an IBD and search it on various search engines they will see videos of people overcoming the diseases, living awesome lives, and paying it forward and helping others take their lives back.

Since I started this CBOY site it has been evident with 300-500 visitors a day that people are loosing faith in the systems lack of credibility and results. I've also been lucky enough to speak with many people who have successfully overcome their IBD's and are indeed paying it forward.

There are some great things that will be happening in the next year including a IBD documentary showing that people are beating these diseases, and a book sharing many stories of sucess overcoming IBD's. Ultimately the pessimists will have to jump on board because one great thing about the truth is that when its exposed it's simply the TRUTH ie ..............100 years ago women didn't vote, our schools were segregated,  wasn't the world suppose to be FLAT ...? who would have though the mass majority of the world could be wrong about something.........................When 1 domino falls the rest fall down with it and this day will come sooner than we think.

Enough of my ranting lmao hope y'all are having an awesome day  

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