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Friday, October 8, 2010

Parasitic Worms-Cure for Autoimmune Diseases?

I seen a great article today about the use and success of Helminthic therapy with Crohn's and other autoimmune diseases. Please click on the below link to read the entire article. Also remember whenever you are reading something which comes from mainstream news that they always tend have a "professional or expert" discuss the risk of such treatments.......this is very consistent in almost every experts opinion of any natural protocol. It's funny because they do not publish all the insane side effects that come from your most commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals..........now do they? try searching a drug you are taking and you will see the side effects are almost as bad as the diseases itself.  In this article they state the following "Weinstock published results from the helminth study in 2005, which said that 23 out of 29 Crohn's patients went into remission." Thats 79% remission rate which is INSANELY AWESOME!!!  Now look at most pharmaceutical products on the market which only have to beat the placebo affect by a small percentage to make it to the market!! This is ludicrous when you think about it because there are many natural non invasive protocols which BODY SLAM these results.............really think about this...?

I urge everyone reading this to start looking at every situation with an open mind, using critical thought, and looking at things from 360 degree perspective. I'm not telling you how to think but I believe you are completely capable of becoming a free minded thinker which you can go over all the information and make up your "own" mind. Sometimes we are so locked into the grid (reality tv shows, drama, BS NEWS you name it that we have no idea what is the truth or not) and unfortunately we get lazy and just trust the "so called" experts in white coats. I use to be one of these people BUT my eyes have been opened and I can proudly say I have taken back my MIND from "them" etc lol  


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