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Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hey peeps :) This is a  video review I did of an great new documentary by Foster Gamble called Thrive : What on earth will it take which talks about how so many people in this world are suffering for nothing. The mass majority of the earth population is poor working paycheck to paycheck in debt to the max while the majority of the wealth is concentrated within 1% of the population. We as a species were meant to thrive and live good prosperous lives and not just financially. Thrive digs into many issues getting in our way to thriving such as: big pharma, oil and gas energy companies, monetary system-federal reserve, politicians, genetic crop tactics, power structures and many more. Foster gamble does a great job of explaining this stuff in a way you can actually understand. I will admit the beginning was a little confusing talking about energy Taurus, and some of the effects were a little cheezy in the beginning at least in the beginning lol. I had my girlfriend watch this and she actually said she got a lot out of it and that says because she would rather watch the Bachelor or the Voice I'm sure. The best part about this documentary is that they did a great job of providing viable solutions of how we can change the future. This is a breath of fresh air since most avenues of media that cover this stuff are simply selling fear to feed their viewer base and their wallets. There is no point of watching these things constantly without knowing what you can do to contribute to the situation. Also there is no point of protesting anything unless you have demands because otherwise what is the point??? show up and make a stink........specifically identify and state demands to get what we want. We are the mass majority controlled by so few when we have always yielded the power!! The power of any pyramid is always at its base and this will continue to make me smile.

We are at a point in time when there are so many wild things that are happening right in front of us that if we fail to act their will be no going back. This consists of things like: freedom of speech, right to bare arms, grow your own gardens, choose medical protocol for yourself (YES!) , luxury of buying vitamins at a health store without a prescription (they are working on this right now), government looking to control the internet (ultimately control information) where sites like mine would be GONE.

We just need to realize this on large levels and just ACT (do something) about being fed up with the way we are living our lives.... out of shape, cancer pandemic aka the lifestyle diseases, materialistic desires, lack of family ties, pay check to paycheck, scrutinized for learning or having an opinion, loosing our religious ties regardless of their nature, stuck at jobs we hate, basing our success by wealth not social contribution and happiness, being stressed out to the max all the time (think of traffic lol), expecting to live up to unrealistic physical expectations...steroid monkey....slim big chested playboy bunny...you name it, these are only a few example of a massive list. 

The simple truth is that most of us have simple needs: relationships with friends; family, spouses,  and community, have a roof over our head,  quality healthy food in our guts, free time to enjoy life and do the things we love, feel wanted and appreciated, minimal debt so we are not stuck in any situation and where our money could go to enjoyment not interest payment and merely scraping by, and lastly probably having a life full of purpose whether it be a cause, hobby, interest, family, sport.........you name it.  I grew up in the ghetto and I was a dollar chaser because we were so poor and I tried to buy things to be happy. but this temporary happiness always faded quickly so I tried to buy something else. I can speak from my personal experience that I make the smallest income in my professional life and I'm by far the happiest. I may not be a millionaire but I have a bank full of: pride, experiences, great friends, and a life BURSTING with purpose!!!

People are really waking up and this keeps me going. Most the people that visit my blog and site are simply fed up with the lack of results of the establishment ........medical system pharma cure-complex. Please research these things further so we can change the world for the better.

WATCH the full THRIVE documentary : you can stream it online for 5.00 or purchase the DVD as well. The THRIVE movement website provides a lot of tools and educational information so make the most out of it.

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