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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Signs of Crohns- Jay getting diagnosed remembering the day

Signs of Crohns's Disease-Getting Diagnosed
Doing post b/c I seen this movie 50/50 with seth rogan and my brain started remembering how I felt when I got diagnosed
-for the most part I knew had an IBD from the research I did but after my colonoscopy the doc walked out and told me I  most likely had Crohns-colitis but would not know the biopsy results for 6 wks.
When I got home I had an anxiety attack thinking about it……..my 1st and only one so far…….I was contemplating suicide ………obviously not in the best state of mind…..instead I went into my bedroom and I did as many pushups as I could until my arms gave out……..I fell on the ground just thinking WTF did I really do to deserve this…….but I was still a stubborn bastard and didn’t want to throw in the towel to this shitty disease. ….I wasn’t going to let it win
I Got to wait and think for 6 weeks to hear the doctor label me……………….I was so nervous driving there I got into a car accident driving there….no shit I was a mess!!!  I did a full 360 smoked a parked car almost pushed it into a building…lol
When I got into the docs office he told me I officially had severe crohns colitis and showed me some bs charts about where it affected me etc. Ultimately I didn’t hear that much except sorry jay your life is over………..he told me we could use drugs to maintain somewhat of a normal life and that I may some normal days and others more uncomfortable. He also told me with this diagnosis my chances for getting cancer were increased dramatically so I should be screened for this every few years.
I know your thinking Jay where you going with this………………this post seems a little depressing so far… well I realized I never shared this before and I think its important to tell people that I also went through these scary times feeling alone, scared, unsure……………the internet never made it any easier when all I seen was the negative suffering aspects……..
BUT here’s the best part of my story! My doc started going over my treatment options ….Immuran….Humira etc  when I said “doc, I’m going to pass on any drugs for now until I can see what is ultimately better for me. ……………..this was the best decision I ever made!!!  I went home a spent every moment I could on the computer searching for cures and finding med free people
The point of this video is I know this diagnosis sucks!!!! I remember like it was yesterday…….but you really could be DEAD……………………not getting to experience so many kick ass things like ur friends, family, hobbies, challenges, relationships, children, travelling……you name it.  Sometimes things get in the way but you CANT give up!!! You need to use ur brain to search for the results you want….do whatever it takes!
When you decide to try a healing protocol don’t think about how hard it is, or that you cant do it, think about how embarrassed u will be……………..etc Think about how much value you will get when you are med free and how much you will experience b/c of this.
I know many people think I’m like this MED FREE poster boy for the IBD community but the truth is I still F$#%# up on occasion with habits etc and thinking about how bad things were makes me realize why I have to stay the course b/c it is what will give me long lasting happiness not some short lived high that is not ultimately worth it. Moderation and patience are traits that I’m working on everyday and every minute

I straight up know I can do this and so can you.  I have no angle to sell you bullshit just speaking from the heart b/c I want everyone to know that I also remember how it felt to be down their in the gutter and I need to remember it as much as possible so I cherish my good health and kick ass life.  


Fabio-from São Paulo-Brazil said...

man, you are hero. God bless you for this gret attitude to share your difficulties overcome. It all inspires us to not give up.

Jay said...

muito obrigado :) always saying nice things amig!

Fingers said...

Very cool attitude ! Have had Crohns for 30 yrs now-