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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jay making juicing easy for IBD peeps


Just me going over how I juice every morning showing everyone it is not as hard as one might think. I do it in 4 min or less every day so I'm you can as well. Juicing is an awesome way to get nutrients and vitamins with minimal energy from digestion. In an upcoming video I will film me doing my morning cooking routine which includes: making breakfast, juicing, and making my lunch with snacks for the day.

1 comment:

Linda Lathrop said...

Dear Crohnsboy,
I have had Crohns for 31 years and have had two major resection surgeries. I was told by my gastroenterologist that I could NOT eat salads, fruits, veggies, etc. because they could block my small intestine. He said I should eat bland processed foods like mashed potatoes.
Have you ever had surgery for your crohn's and I saw that you eat fruit and veggies every day besides juicing. I have started juicing but would love to eat fresh fruit and veggies. My question is: How can you eat those foods and not get blocked?
Linda Lathrop
linda.lathrop @ yahoo.com

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