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Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hi guys this is a great documentary about vaccines and their side effects....do they actually help or merely BIG PHARMA greed. Those who now believe in alternative health protocols can see there is more and more evidence showing how bad these vaccines really are. It can be hard when you have a doctor or your local government pushing it down your throat everywhere you look.......but you really need wonder why are they doing this? Who is profiting from this stuff.............television commercial about vaccines ITS a business :) Like someone in this documentary said "Show us the SCIENCE and Let us decide" not just pharma companies paying for their own studies..................what do we actually expect the results to be.


The Greater Good looks behind the fear, hype and politics that polarize people into emotionally charged pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine camps with no room for middle ground. Exploring the cultural intersection where parenting meets modern medicine and individual rights collide with politics, this character driven documentary weaves together the stories of three families whose lives have been forever changed by vaccination. By reframing the vaccine debate and offering, for the first time, the opportunity to have a rational and scientific discussion on how to create a safer and more effective vaccine program in America today, The Greater Good challenges viewers to think again.

You can watch the trailer and see if this would interest you then use the link to watch the free stream. If the free stream is no longer available check the main site and purchase the DVD for like 10.00

Make sure to click the link below to watch this documentary FREE for the next few days
**Watch FREE here**

Although this is free if you like the documentary and believe in what they are doing you can support their cause by buying the DVD or make a donation. Check the Official SITE HERE


sandi1021 said...

Hello, I came across your blog while researching some Crohns information for my stepfather. I am having such a hard time accepting that after almost 5 years of every treatment possible the GI doc now says his Crohns is in remission but he just got admitted to the hospital again, with a flare of the disease they no longer see in his colon. I am looking for any advice, help, information beyond the norm. He is on Humira, and a lot of other medications. He still gets flares at least once a month.
I am just wondering if you or any of your other crohns connnections have tried natural therapies, acupuncture and anything else that might help. All the doctors keep saying is that they don't think it is just the crohns but nobody seems to know what it is. Apparently we have to solve this for him ourselves. I saw your friends information about the herb and I will be contacting him for more information but is there any other advice you can give?
By the way, no more BS sounds pretty good to me after all this years of hearing the same crap and no relief for him. Any help/advice would be great.

Jay said...

Hi there Sandi drop me a line @ jay @crohnsboy.com and we can touchbase about this. I tried to contact you from your user name but was unsuccessful. Hope you have a great weekend.

Jay aka Crohnsboy :)