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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hey Everyone check this documentary out called Fast Food Babies. It's about babies eating garbage diets from the age of 6 months old eating over 3000 calories a day of garbage....almost 1 liter of saturated oils, .5kg of sugar ....makes you want to gag doesn't it lol. I think most people are starting to see that the system is getting children hooked right from the beginning of their lives so they can help the grease food industry, then get sick and help out the medical and pharmaceutical industries.  

This video sure made me think if I have children how I would never give them such garbage at least now that I know better. I lived on garbage most of my life and to my surprise ended up with a severe degenerative disease Crohn's Colitis. I'm lucky I did not suffer from a stroke or a heart attack and I'm still here to make changes to get my life back. 

We still have a chance to make changes and get our lives back, that's GREAT NEWS!!!
(watch all the parts)If you have any issues you can also watch the documentary HERE

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