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Monday, November 14, 2011

IBDers Getting Ripped in 20 minutes a day IBD workout

  Hey guys I know many guys who have IBD's or are on diets to stay MED FREE have issues gaining weight or ultimately having a body they are proud of. I'm not a materialistic dude by any means but I do believe when I'm in shape it ups my confidence in social functions, with my beautiful girlfriend, and most important I feel better about myself. I have had many emails about this and thought it was about time I work on creating a program that works, cost efficient, and you can do at home...........I believe I have found it. I'm going to share some of my results in the 20th day and you guys can be the judges. I'm putting some shirtless pics on this post so you can see first hand......and NO I don't do bachelor parties mwuahhh! All jokes a side I'm only doing this because I remember looking in the mirror and not liking who I was..............a human skeleton.BUT the GREAT news is we can beat this shitty disease and live healthy lives!

I have been trying a QUICK WORK OUT for the last 20 days which takes me 20-25 minutes a day. I have not been at the gym in 6 months since I started working in May. Since I work  concrete construction and work 10 hrs a day its hard for me to workout during the summer months so I give it up until I get laid off in October. Although I do not work out in the summer my job keeps me physically fit and I do some walking with my girlfriend.

I'm lazy or better word tired because I overdo the multi-tasking sometimes so it's also hard for me to spend 1-2 hrs at the gym everyday. So I thought I would try to create a easy workout routine that will make me toned and give me a body I'll be proud of with minimal effort..........or should I say the BIGGEST bang for my BUCK lol I'm also a frugal dude so I did not want to spend a fortune on equipment so I set my budget of $100...I'm not shitting you!  arm curl bar w/50 lbs, pull up bar 19.99 (TJMAX and winners), 2 chairs free around the house. This work-out is a simple circuit which takes me about 6-8 minutes to complete and I do it 2-3 sets depending how much time I have. If I do 3 sets it takes me about 25 min a YES I feel it!!! I only take 1-2 min breaks between sets and sometimes I giver through the entire 3 sets without a break. In the beginning it was hard for me as I felt a little outta shape but now I'm doing it without issue.....but I still feel the burn BABY!!!!

I am posting this to get people interested or to see if people are indeed interested in this. If so I will actually do a video showing this workout and exactly what I do. I will also show people what I usually eat and you will be quite surprised because I don't eat anywhere as much as I use to.



Lauren said...

Def interested in seeing how you workout and what you eat!! I gain muscle really fast because I have no body fat but I never stick to a solid routine and lose momentum very easily. Maybe your workout will keep me interested. Always love hearing how others eat as well :)

tylotyler said...

I would love for you to leave some diet advice. I have asked about a bodybuilding version of the scd on a few different sites and would love to see what u come up with. I have been eatin alot of butternut squash, bananas, nut butters etc but would love to see your take on it bc it looks like its working.

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