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Monday, October 31, 2011

BOOMTOWN WIlliston North Dakota

Hey Everyone this is a random post for my IBD BLOG but I know lots of my readers are from the US and are experiencing a pretty crazy recession right now. I speak with many people who have PHD's, business degrees, etc and are not employed or underemployed working for minimum wage. People are attempting to do whatever they can to scrape by for themselves and their families. I know the governments attempt at a so called stimulus or BAIL out the TOO BIG to FAILS are not working So I spoke with someone about a boom happening in North Dakota where they are looking to fill 10-15 000 jobs and are in need of people. This boom is related to the oil industry which I'm not the biggest fan of but it may be able to help many people get above water. I searched this a few weeks ago but was reminded today of this opportunity as I caught a few minutes of a piece on a show called ROCK CENTER. This made me think I should get on this a do a blog-post @ 1:03am lol

This boom may be linked to the oil but like any boom it affects construction trades, services, school teachers, police-paramedics you name it. If your strapped and looking for alternative solution check this video out and also check out the links I provided below. I get tired of ranters talking about how bad things are and not working to provide an actual solution so I thought I would look for something that may help someone out. I'm not saying this will help everyone out but it may help a few and that's good enough for me.

SEE the ROCK CENTER Article here

**If you want to see the full episode search it in the next few days as I just noticed the shows premiere was today**

 You can see in this video why this Oil reserve they found in ND/MONTANA is the largest in the US at the moment and will provide work etc for years to come.




WILLINSTON WIKIPEDIA INFO: economy, population size, climate you name it HERE

Also Since this boom is not just centralized there will probably be other towns that will see rapid growth so investigate surrounding towns such as: Stanley etc USE a map make a few calls act and get on it :) Do a Google search and do your own research.

I'm just sharing this information because I care about helping people and times are beyond rough in some areas.

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