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Monday, October 31, 2011

Looking to stop Current IBD FLARE? take a look at this

Looking to stop Current IBD FLARE? take a look at this............

Hey Everyone I'm writing you this because I spoke with my good friend Morton from Hawaii and he has found a way to help subside ACTIVE FLAREs in people with Crohns Disease,Colitis, and Arthritis (joint swelling pain etc). The way is using some natural plant base ingredients that help with this. I would suggest that anyone interested in hearing more about this contact Morton using the info below and you can discuss the details further. 

While I was on SCD Morton always posted things on the SCD List Servs questioning things, looking for other solutions etc. The SCD diet gave him his life back but other things that he tried took him further in his healing. I have met Morton and his wife while I stayed with them in Hawaii and will vouch for him being a very caring person looking to help people he is a GREAT character. He is one of the smartest guys I have ever met b/c he challenges many belief systems and tries new things etc. I can honestly say that conversations I have had with him have helped me with my own healing and helping others.

I think anyone interested should drop him a line and hear him out and use your best judgement to see if it might interest you or not.

I am looking for volunteers with UC, Crohn’s, and/or any other intestinal disease to try a group of plant based compounds that seem to cause UC flares to subside into remission.  If these plant based compounds work for others then we intestinal disease sufferers may have a new cure.
This same group of plant based compounds seem to have caused my wife’s arthritic joints’ swelling and pain to subside.  If you know of arthritis sufferers that would like to volunteer for this study please also let me know.
My email is mbassan@earthlink.net  My phone in Hawaii is 1-808-929-7443.

You can also see morton's website HERE

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