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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Watching Out for the Scammers-SCD REAL DEAL

I enjoyed this video and the fact the dude forgot to mention he used the SCD DIET as a fundamental tool in his healing. I'm not going to slam this dude on my blog but I can tell everyone when someone is looking at alternative protocols, or people peddling approaches, miracle cures, you name it you need to perform DUE DILLIGENCE -Do they back their $hit up? Search them on google: are their qualifications bogus-fake buy a phd, have they helped real people that you can speak to and verify, is most the info you find sales pitch/marketing material? , do their videos and articles usually offer you with a solution?... their products.....I'm not saying there are people who do this that are legit but 9/10 they are simply scammers trying to profit on you're misfortune. I want people to develop a knack for seeing through the BS to see people-organizations for what they really are. When you do a fair review of the person you will get a good taste of their intent....... do they focus on marketing or actually genuinely helping people. Don't believe false hype until you do you're research. With IBD's I may not believe in all aspects of SCD DIET but it was one of the only protocols that besides the affordable book was not trying to sell me things. I could easily go verify these peoples claims by speaking with them and realize they had nothing to gain by telling me their story. Speaking with someone live on the phone can give you the utmost evidence if their protocol is legit or not.  With SCD I even went to the extent to contact 2 people who left testimonials on the back of the book.........NOW Thats due dilligence baby! sorry I was honking my own horn :) I'm not saying SCD is the only way because I'm an advocate of other protocols I mention on my site as well. I also believe their are multiple solutions to each problem and some of those solutions have yet to be discovered...........and if they do appear please drop me a line to investigate and I'll publish the findings. The multiple solutions I have showcased on my site CROHNSBOY and have helped many people to date. I show people other promising protocols which have helped others to let the audience decide what works best for them. If I had used a bias my websites visitors would not have had the chance to become med free. Most protocols that help IBD sufferers become med free share many similar fundamentals so it's not hard for me to pick out the winners and losers. I also owe the biggest thanks to the immense amount of feedback I receive on a normal basis of people telling me what works for them and what doesn't...........you guys rock! okay enough raBliNg 4me today as its 143 am and I should hit the sack.

Thanks for tuning everyone! Keep it real :)

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