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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Freedom Riders RAW MILK Demonstration

Hey Everyone Check this out :) 

A great article from Natural News -this stuff is important because there are changes happening all around us..........These changes are happening slow so that we do not notice them to the extent of their change etc. It's almost like when your cooking a LOBSTER you do not put the lobster into a boiling pot of water because he would try to jump out.....rather you put Mr Lobster in Luke Warm water and let the water come to a boil. Since the temperature gradually increases he does not try to jump out and boils to death..........this stuff his happening all around us. FEW examples:

-Getting use to  aggressive anti-terrorism prevention tactics airports (3d scanner), illegal wire taps, torturing, subway station checkpoints, and many other ways they are invading our privacy on a daily basis You have a better chance of being hit by a Boeing 747 in mid day then being attacked by a terrorist. Its not the WEST'S job to bring freedom so they call it to the rest of the world.** If someone came into your home and told you how to treat your family, what to think etc what would you say or do? I think I'd grab my rifle :) Put yourself in their shoes**.

-Television shows in the beginning were not poisoned with  cheating, sex sex sex, everyone DTF, violence, hardcore gossip etc I'm 28 when I was young if you even seen a boob shot the movie was Rated now its pg-13 ............

-Going from currency backed by gold, money backed by nothing, to credit card technology, then now chip technology..................maybe eventually have one chip or bar-code in or on us? .............sounds like stories my grandpa told me from the bible when I was a young kid. Seems far fetched right? If you were to tell someone 100 yrs ago about chip card credit cards they would say no way............these changes happen slow as we adjust to them better. 

-Governments working on Health bills like codex alimentarius in Us, BILL C-52 In Canada- both looking at controlling our food, drugs, vitamins etc  A day when you have to buy vitamins from a pharmacist, not allowed to grow a garden in your backyard, unable to own seeds, or to choose your health protocol which means big business for big pharma and other multinational medical companies. Imagine you get cancer and you have no choice but to get radiation and chemotherapy?? This is already setup for minors and if you dont believe me SEE THIS POST I did about a young boy named Thomas Navarro who was not allowed to try a alternative protocol before he did radiation and chemo.

If we don't get involved in CHANGE it will be too late. I'm asking you from the heart to pay attention on the things that are happening around you ie Occupy Wall Street Movements, Raw Milk demonstration, anti Codex protests, you name it. Turn Jersey Shore off for a night and see whats going on in your community. I hear people bitch about things that are going on saying we cant change anything......BUT the truth is we can change EVERYTHING. The power of any pyramid is always at its base! I usually leave these posts to my other blogs but I feel its a crucial time that we start thinking about this stuff.

This excerpt from this article says it best "It is absolutely ridiculous that the FDA is spending time, energy and money on turning mothers into criminals over milk,"

(NaturalNews) Tired of having their health freedom oppressed by an overbearing US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), mothers from across the US are joining together for a "freedom ride" and protest on November 1, 2011, in defense of the right to transport raw milk across state lines. These mothers and their supporters will travel to Pennsylvania to purchase raw milk, drive back into the state of Maryland where raw milk sales are illegal, and stage a peaceful demonstration in front of FDA headquarters in Silver Spring.

Learn more at www.RawMilkFreedomRiders.com

Maryland is one of 11 US states where raw milk sales are currently illegal. The retail sale of raw milk is legal in nearby Pennsylvania, but FDA interstate commerce laws prohibits individuals from driving there or to other nearby states to legally buy it and bring it back into Maryland. So because FDA has refused to open up a dialogue to discuss the issue, mothers who cherish the freedom to feed their families this wholesome food product will instead bring the debate right to the FDA's front door instead.

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